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Lonny works on all kinds of pool and spa heaters, both gas and electric. Electric heaters are more common today on the portable model spas. Most are a flow through design type heater with safety switches as part of the main control panel. Inground type heaters are a single unit complete with all safety switches contained inside and plumbed in line after the filter. Some inground spas are heated with natural or propane gas fired heaters. These are more cost effective to operate than electricity but not always available or practical.

All heaters have a series of control switches that operate the heater. The thermostat, pressure switch, hi limit and on/off switch all work in a series to make the unit heat.

Water flow can have a great affect on the heater operation, and is the most common failure on heaters today. Another aspect of heater operation is the water chemistry. Have Lonny check out your heater efficiency today

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