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Lonny Harris can troubleshoot and repair almost any kind of swimming pool problem including leaks in the equipment or piping. Lonny, a Certified Master Diver, can locate and repair leaks in the pool shell by scuba diving. (Try finding that skill elsewhere in the valley!) Leaks in pipes can be located both above and below ground by pressure testing lines.

All pool equipment is designed to properly circulate, filter and heat, if so equipped, the pool water at a certain rate according to the size of the pool. Lonny is equipped with both tools and knowledge to analyze and recommend changes.
With both on hand parts and a local pool supply wholesaler, there are parts to repair many makes and models of pumps, filters and heaters or replacements as necessary.

Lonny remodels concrete pools, including concrete decks, brick copeing, tile, total replumbing and replaster! See REMODELS.

Auto chlorination, ozone purification for sanitization of your pool is also available. Many kinds of pool cleaners are also available. Just ask!

Act today. LONNY HARRIS is just a phone call away

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