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Ozone is an alternative water sanitizer for pool or spa applications. Ozone is injected to the water by a venture system or by a ozone pumper.
The ozone enters the water as tiny air bubbles. When these bubbles come in contact with bacteria or algae it kills it and then filters it away. It is recommended to use a slight amount of chlorine to assist in the sanitization process occasionally.
Most portable spas are set up for ozone purification, if not they can usually be made adaptable. Most units except the Bubble gun II or the Jed 103 pictured below, made by
Jed engineering.

Also bigger units are available for swimming pools. The size of the pool will determine the proper size of the unit needed to properly purify the water.
I carry Bubble Gun II, Jed 103, and Delzone units. I also have a variety of injection systems available. CALL TODAY 541-878-2107